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Minimalist Biohacker Performance Report Mind
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This is the report of my first MIND performance check and how I scored. I share my impressions on each of the challenges and defined goals. With the reports you will have access to the track record of my development. You might be able to draw conclusions or learn something for the optimization of your own brain power.


Spanish Level Min: 2

French Level Min: 0

Italien Level Min: 0


This challenge is different from others as it is accumulated over time, without shortcut options or one-time performance increases. I'll have to stick to a daily practice of at least 5 minutes in order to see an increase. So far it is working well and I'm making steady progress.


Dual-N-Back Max. Level: 6


Dual-N-Back is one of the most exhausting games I ever played and my progress seems painfully slow to me. However when I started, level 4 felt impossible. Now I'm often performing on level 6 for a whole session. Like with languages I'll have to stick to daily training of at least 5 rounds (~5 minutes) in order to increase my performance. Recommended is 20 rounds but that investment of time is too high for me.

Verbal Fluency Test Score

5 words / 1min: 11,6 words/minute


Certainly not the most reliable number as it might depend on the time of the day or other issues. However I gave my best to get as many words as possible on the paper in 1 minute. My girlfriend actually beat me on this exercise, so I immediately have a benchmark and know that I can improve. 

IQ Test Score

IQ Score: 89


The IQ test doesn't seem like the most reliable test in terms of intelligence but covers a lot of different areas of brain performance (numbers, pattern recognition, logic, etc.). That's why I believe than an improvement in brain power will somehow show in this test. You find the link to the test I used: here

Get an overview of my goals by checking the Scorecard here.

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