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UPDATE: The price of the test is now lowered to € 77,35, due to the high demand and scaling  (15.05.2020).


This is a temporary post in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our partner Lykon, in cooperation with their laboratories, have developed a Corona antibodies home test kit*. It is NOT a rapid test but you will receive your results within 48 hours after your samples arrive in the laboratory. The test can be done from home, easy and comfortable. 


What is measured? IgG antibodies in your blood, which indicate a past presence of the virus. 

Who is this test for? Everyone who would like to know whether they already had the virus "SARS-CoV-2".


The test is priced at € 77,35, which covers the cost of operations. No profit is made on those tests on the side of Lykon. I myself am not planning to take the test yet, as I'm pretty well isolated. However I will take it once I had flu-like symptoms, to make sure if it was Corona or not. Just to protect my family, friends and colleagues. 


If you would like to take the test, check it out here*.


* Available to residents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only at the moment. 

Why am I not taking the test immediately?

Knocking on wood, I didn't have any symptoms of any kind of illness lately. On top, my family and me have been pretty isolated, adhering to the measures set by the government of Austria. As I work from home, without much human contact, I'm not at a higher risk of getting infected. Once I get sick, unsure whether it was COVID-19 or not, I certainly get the test kit. 


Why I think the test is a good idea?

At the moment of writing I believe we are not in the safe zone and should keep up our discipline a while longer. The measurements taken by the government (Austria) are solid in my opinion and we should all do our best to reduce our own risk of contamination. Remember: A certain date, relieving some of the constraints, is just that - a DATE. It doesn't change your risk of catching the virus or the risk of you infecting others. 


That means: Stay aware, reduce the risk for you and your loved ones, while still making steps towards a more vivid life again. 


If you believe you might have had COVID-19 and feel insecure about it, get a test. Having piece of mind is well worth the € 96,75 and it can help to stop the spread. How many people might still be on their feet and working, while having Corona and spreading it further? We don't know. With the test, we gain knowledge and insight, which in turn empowers us to take the right steps.


What am I doing to stay healthy?

I'm very far from an expert when it comes to COVID, neither do I know anything about virology etc. The thing I know about is how to keep up proper immune function and how to strengthen the mind and body. That's what I do all the time and of course kept doing when the pandemic started. I try to:

  • Prioritize sleep (a bit more difficult with a newborn but still important)
  • Keep moving and exercising (although I limit super high intensity sessions, as they are taxing on the nervous system)
  • Get sunlight and fresh air
  • Eat healthy food and enough to support my needs (no long-term fasting or caloric deficit)
  • Sometimes indulge in comfort food to stay mentally healthy (soul food)
  • Keep distance to others and wear my mask (the virus spreads via droplets, no-brainer)
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Wash unpacked foods like veggies with a shot of vinegar and water
  • Enjoy life as much as possible in the meantime (reading, learning, growing, video-chatting etc.)

That's basically it. Very similar to what I normally do. 


So if your job requires lots of human interaction, you had symptoms of Corona or you generally feel insecure about whether or not you already had it at one point: Spend the money and take the test here


* Available to residents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only at the moment. 

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