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Minimalist Biohacker Biohacking for Brain Workers Students
Articles in English · 08. Juli 2020
When starting out in the business world, we are led to believe that knowledge and experience are the pillars of success. While it's certainly a very important component, we often forget that physical and mental wellbeing are the actual foundations of high-level performance. The Status Quo of business education Why the body and mind are crucial for success How you can take (back) control over your body and mind The role of biohacking in the workplace of the future If you are a leader in an...
Minimalist Biohacker What a Company can Expect from Biohacking
Articles in English · 02. Juli 2020
You're running a company or team and want to get the most out of every work day? In this article we will have a look at what biohacking can do for you. You will learn how to: feel awake and energized in the morning avoid afternoon slumps establish longer and deeper focus periods handle stress like a boss reduce sick leaves achieve those results There are a lot more things you can improve with biohacking but those are high in demand. Read on if you want to know what biohacking can do for you or...

Skyline Start Biohacking
Articles in English · 19. Juni 2020
This article looks into the most basic questions people have about the topic of biohacking and how one can actually start biohacking. Why you are already biohacking 7 reasons why you should start biohacking What biohacking can be used for How you can start biohacking intentionally If you are interested in the topic of biohacking and how you can improve your life with simple methods, read on.
Minimalist Biohacker Bodyweight Workouts Rings Sunset
Articles in English · 29. Mai 2020
You don't need fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to get in shape and maintain an optimized physical performance. All you need is some space (best outdoors) and your body. All you need to maximize strength and endurance is your body and proper clothing 2 bodyweight workouts for explosive power 1 bodyweight workouts for strength 1 HIIT training for cardiovascular fitness If you want to live a long and healthy life, while looking good at the beach, this article is worth a read.

Man Working Out Minimalist Biohacker Biohacking on a Budget
Articles in English · 15. Mai 2020
In this article we will look at the best ways you can start biohacking today, without spending money or investing a lot of time. How to biohack your body without spending a single cent. How you can easily integrate these free biohacks into your life. How easy it is to start feeling better and performing on a higher level
Mobile Phone White Table Minimalist Biohacker - Workplace of the Future
Articles in English · 08. Mai 2020
Imagine you come into your office in the morning, finding your colleagues fully awake and focused at their workstations, greeting you with a calm "good morning, boss". Your operation is running at full speed while everyone remains relaxed and friendly. At lunch you enjoy a healthy meal and feel energetic, ready to tackle the afternoon meetings. You are fully productive all the way, until you leave the office in the evening, feeling ready for some adventure or family time. Take a moment to ask...

Marco Mask Corona Lykon Test
Articles in English · 28. April 2020
THE ARTICLE IN SHORT Promotion / Ad / Werbung / Kooperation UPDATE: The price of the test is now lowered to € 77,35, due to the high demand and scaling (15.05.2020). This is a temporary post in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our partner Lykon, in cooperation with their laboratories, have developed a Corona antibodies home test kit*. It is NOT a rapid test but you will receive your results within 48 hours after your samples arrive in the laboratory. The test can be done from home, easy and...
Articles in English · 20. April 2020
In this article we will look at a delicious, simple and even healthy cake recipe. It takes no real baking skills and can be done very quickly. If you have a sweet tooth and are craving some dessert, this is an option you can indulge in without feeling guilty. Being gluten free, it's a great option for a birthday at the office or just for your pleasure at home. Biohacking at its most delicious. You can decide how healthy your cake should be. The darker the chocolate, the more health benefits you...

Optimized Nutrition Minimalist Biohacker Vegetables Ginger Lemon
Articles in English · 18. Februar 2020
Nutrition plays a huge role in how you feel and perform, along with recovery and movement. With tons of different diets and advice out there, it's hard to get started at all. Because nutrition and food is such a broad topic, it can’t be summarized into one form or the “perfect diet”. Our bodies are just too different. On top of that, different environmental factors and the degeneration of our planet are important factors in the nutrition equation. Depending on where you live, the nutrient...
Stress Management Minimalist Biohacker
Articles in English · 15. Februar 2020
While acute stress responses in healthy people do not pose a threat to health and performance, the negative effects of long-term stress have been discussed in numerous studies and the general public. If you’ve ever been in a stressful period, either in your job or in your private life, you might know the feelings of anxiety and other effects like bad sleep, worse recovery, mood problems or even sickness. In this article we will look at the minimalistic basics of stress and why it can be...

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