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Our brain is the central control unit of our body and the seat of our awareness. We see the world through the filters of our brain and if it runs out of power, lights go out in an instant. The ability of our brain to process data, pass on information and remember and recall memories as well as the speed, with which it does that, directly influences the quality of our lives. All other areas underlie this central control organ.


The enhancement and optimization of the brain capacity is, after health, the second most important leverage for a successful life and top performance. With increased brain power we experience a rise in our ability to solve problems, which in turn positively influences other target areas. Like in the movie  "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper, my dream is to access more of the available processing power of my brain in order to become smarter. If you haven't seen the movie, go watch it on Amazon. 


I want to speak at least 4 different foreign languages on a level that allows me to communicate in different situations. Apart from German as my mother tongue, I'm fluent in English. I took French in school for seven years and Spanish for two years during my studies. First I want to refresh those two languages, before starting to learn Italian from ground up. Additionally I want to increase my fluid intelligence, memory and IQ (which apparently is impossible and above all hard to measure - we'll see). 



  • Duolingo Foreign Language Level 10 (Spanish, French & Italian)
  • Dual-N-Back Max. Level
  • Verbal Fluency Test (e.g. as many words as possible with the first letter X in under 1 minute)
  • IQ Test (myIQtested.comhttps://iqtest.sueddeutsche.de/) 


Go check out the current scorecard here