As a Company or Leader - What to expect from Biohacking?

Minimalist Biohacker What a Company can Expect from Biohacking
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The article in short

You're running a company or team and want to get the most out of every work day? In this article we will have a look at what biohacking can do for you. You will learn how to:

  • feel awake and energized in the morning
  • avoid afternoon slumps
  • establish longer and deeper focus periods
  • handle stress like a boss
  • reduce sick leaves
  • achieve those results

There are a lot more things you can improve with biohacking but those are high in demand. Read on if you want to know what biohacking can do for you or your company.

Awake and full of energy in the morning

When starting out with biohacking, one of the first things we focus on, is improving how you wake up in the morning. You want to be energized, fully awake and ready to tackle the day - every day of the week. Compare that to the typical start in most offices, where people are dragging themselves along until they had three cups of coffee. 


How can you achieve this energized and awakened state?

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Create a morning routine
  • Integrate special movement techniques
  • ...

By improving sleep quality through the analysis of patterns and creating awareness of what impacts the quality of your rest, you will greatly impact the way you get up in the morning. Adding simple methods to boost energy and fostering a go-getter mindset, almost guarantee early kick-offs in the future. 

No more afternoon slumpS

We all know the problem of having a dip in performance after lunch or in the early afternoon - often referred to as "lunch coma". With biohacking, you can almost completely eliminate these crashes and keep your team at peak performance.


How can you eliminate this down period?

  • Stabilize energy levels
  • Create awareness around energy and food
  • Integrate special techniques like breath work
  • ...

By creating awareness and optimizing the fuel in form of better meals, as well as monitoring blood sugar levels, you achieve a more consistent energy supply throughout the whole day. Less downward fluctuation means less crashes and a more consistent performance. 

Longer and deeper focus

You know the situation: Later in the day, staying focused on a complex task becomes harder and harder. To some extent this is perfectly normal, so structuring your workday around these mental lows, is a great option. However there are ways to stay concentration for longer, when you actually need it.


How can you keep focused for longer?

  • Optimize your work environment
  • Improve bodily functions for focus
  • Integrate special techniques like meditation 
  • ...

By slightly adjusting the environment in which you are working, you get great improvements in terms of concentration. Combine that with an optimized flow of nutrients throughout the body, as well as special techniques and you are set up for long-term focus. 

Better with stress

Numerous studies have underlined the negative effect of long-term stress on health. Perceived stress has also been shown to correlate with long-term sickness absence [1]. In the end it all comes down to how well your body and mind are equipped to handle stress.


How can you improve your stress response?

  • Track and control stress signals of your body
  • Create a stress-resilient mindset
  • Integrate special techniques like breathing and meditation
  • ...

By creating awareness, gaining perspective, measuring bodily signals and applying special techniques like power breathing or meditation, you positively influence your high performer's response towards stress.

Less sick leaves

Becoming sick means a partial or total loss of performance for a (hopefully short) period of time. No matter how well equipped and "biohacked" you are, there is no way around becoming ill at some point. However you can make sure our immune system is operating on it's highest level in order to minimize sickness.


How can you optimize your immune system?

  • Track vital functions of the body to know when to push and when to rest
  • Apply special techniques like stretching
  • Use technology to upgrade your cell's performance
  • ...

By tracking vital functions you learn when to push and when to recover. Special techniques and technology help to strengthen the immune system and the overall state of health. A more robust system means you require less days off.  

Technology makes it easy

Until recently it required a lot of time and energy to measure, note down and interpret the results in order to achieve the above goals. Now it's as simple as putting on a ring or fitness tracker and checking the results via app. Modern technology gives you the opportunity to easily analyze and track key metrics. The hard part is to facilitate the necessary change for optimization and staying ahead of new research and options available. 


The approach of Minimalist Biohacker means using technology to make sure the process of optimization integrates seamlessly into the life of your top performers. Instead of a burden, it is a motivating factor throughout the journey. Through the combination of analyzing, tracking and learning, we create an experience guaranteed to show lasting results. 


Easy. Integrated. Optimized. 


As a company or leader you can expect biohacking to have a profound impact on the lives of your team by:

  • Improving health
  • Increasing energy levels 
  • Keeping the output steady throughout the day
  • Strengthening focus, even across longer stretches
  • Reducing sick leaves and health-related absences

There are a lot more potential benefits to be gained with the approach of biohacking. If you want to learn more about why companies should start biohacking, check out this article: "10 Reasons for Corporate Biohacking". 


If you are ready to look into biohacking for YOUR company, contact us for a free consultation. 

Analysis & tracking leads to awareness.

Then we learn.

Awareness and learning leads to desire

Desire leads to integration.

Integration leads to positive and sustainable change.

Positive change leads to improvement

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