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Three months into the tracked program, this is the second report of my MIND performance check and how I scored. I share my impressions on each of the challenges and defined goals. With the reports you will have access to the track record of my development. You might be able to draw conclusions or learn something for the optimization of your own brain power.


Click here to read the first performance report, or status quo of my improved cognitive performance journey.


Spanish Level Min: 2 (2)

French Level Min: 0 (0)

Italien Level Min: 0 (0)


I slacked off with the daily practice of Spanish, currently hovering around Level 3 for 50% of the material. For improvement I have to work more disciplined. Still my language skills have improved from the exercise and I'm convinced it is possible to get good by using the app. 


Dual-N-Back Max. Level: 7


Dual-N-Back is one of the most exhausting games I ever played and my progress seems painfully slow to me. Since the start of my 3-month journey, I managed to play several rounds on level 7. Same as for Duolingo, I slacked off and didn't practice every day, which can be seen in the statistics. I have to work more disciplined. 

Verbal Fluency Test Score

5 words / 1min: 12 words/minute (11,6)


Certainly not the most reliable number as the result might depend on the time of the day or other factors like sleep, nutrition etc. However I scored a little better than in the first performance test, even though I had complicated letters like Q and Z. I very rarely have trouble recalling words or even something like brain fog, so my fluency seems to be good.

IQ Test Score

IQ Score: 98 (89)


The IQ test doesn't seem like the most reliable test in terms of intelligence but covers a lot of different areas of brain performance (numbers, pattern recognition, logic, etc.). That's why I believe than an improvement in brain power will somehow show in this test. I improved by 9 points, which can also be due to factors like sleep, nutrition or the bulletproof coffee I had.  Still a positive result, even though I had expected to be much worse half way into the test.


You find the link to the test I used: here

Get an overview of my goals by checking the Scorecard here.

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